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Bangladesh Botanical Society was established in 1972. Professor Dr. Md. Abul Bashar is the present President and Professor Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed is the current Secretary General of the society. The total number of members is over 2975 of which 541 are life members. The society is regularly publishing popular articles in one issue of Bengali journal named "Udvid Barta" and scientific articles in four issues of Bangladesh Journal of Botany.


(Bangladesh J. Bot.)

Vol. 47

No. 2

2018 June



Pardip Kumar Katiyar and Ayushi Tripathi

Development of advanced breeding lines of lentil (<i>Lens culinaris Medik</i>) varieties in India

Ömer Özbek and Harun Kaman

Effects of different irrigation regimes on eggplant yield in greenhouse conditions

Md Belal Hossain

Effects of rhizobial strains and urea fertilizer on lentil at different locations of Bangladesh

Masoud Gabar Salah, Mir Sujaul Islam, Md Abdul Karim, Mohamad Idris Ali and Noram Irwan Ramli

Evaluation of physicochemical parameters of surface water quality in Gebeng industrial area, Pahang, Malaysia

Emel Diraz, Özlem Kiran, Ahmet Ilçim and Şengül Karaman

Essential oil composition and antimicrobial activity of endemic <i>Tanacetum densum</i> subsp. <i>amani</i> Heywood from Turkey

Khalid Hasan Alamer and Sayed Amin Mohamed Amer

Molecular variability of <i>Rosa damascena</i> Mill. growing in Taif region of Saudi Arabia

Komban Parameswaran Smisha and Mamiyil Sabu

Morphological and anatomical features of seeds of some taxa of Costaceae

Sazada Siddiqui

Cytotoxicity induced by aluminum sulfate in cells of root meristem of <i>Pisum sativum</i> cv. Arikil

MH Ansari, MA Ansari, RA Yadav, MZ Siddiqui and Naushad Khan

Weed control and productivity studies in direct seeded <i>Oryza sativa</i> L. through <i>Sesbania</i> brown

Sontosh Chandra Chanda, Abul Kalam Mohammad Azad-Ud-Doula Prodhan and Abul Khayer Mohammad Golam Sarwar

Morphological descriptors of seed and seedling for identification of <i>Dhaincha</i> (<i>Sesbania</i> spp.) accessions

Shilpa and Rajinder Kaur

In <i>silico</i> development and annotation of tomato EST-SSRS and their application in genetic diversity study of tomato germplasm

SMA Sujan, ML Bari and ANM Fakhruddin

Effects of physical pretreatment (crushing and ball milling) on sugarcane bagasse for bioethanol production

Muhammad Akbar, Tayyaba Khalil, Muhammad Sajjad Iqbal, Khizar Hayat Bhatti, Muhammad Ishfaq, Sammer Fatima and Shamim Akhtar

Bioactivity of mycotoxins isolated from <i>Drechslera hawaiiensis</i> M. B. Ellis

Xiaoxia Huang, Wanting Li, Xuan Huang and Xiaomao Cheng

Effects of chilling stress on chlorophyll fluorescence, physiological and biochemical characteristics of <i>Photinia glomerata</i> seedings

Neetu Sharma, Anil Kumar, BC Sharma, Vikas Sharma and Manish Kumar

Effects of sowing time and weed management practices on weed dynamics, productivity and quality of direct seeded basmati rice

Muhammad Mahmood-ur-Rahman Jamro, Ahmmad Naqi Shah and Fateh Khan Nizamani

Effects of IBA and NAA on integrated root development in aerial offshoots of <i>Phoenix dactylifera</i> L.

LS Samarina, VI Malyarovskaya, NB Platonova and KV Klemeshova

Physiological response of endangered xerophyte <i>Campanula sclerophylla,</i> (Kolak. ) Ogan. To repeated osmotic stress <i>in vitro</i>

Mst Meherunnahar, Md Mozammel Hoque, Mohammed Abdus Satter, Nusrat Abedin and M Faridul Islam

Evaluation of nutritional and functional status of three varieties of foxtail millet cultivars in Bangladesh

Nermin Adel EL Semary, Mohammed Osman and Heba EL Sayed

Protein fraction obtained from Egyptian isolates of cynobacteria has restriction activities

Bing Han

Over expression of a vacuolar H<sup>+</sup>-ATPase C subunit gene mediates physiological changes leading to enhanced salt tolerance in hybrid poplar

Mohammed Kamal Hossain, Rokib Hasan, Abul Bashar, Saidul Islam, AKM Mahmudul Huque, Bhabendra Kumar Biswas and Nazmul Alam

Selection on stable genotypes through genotype environment interaction in yardlong bean (<i>Vigna unguiculata</i> ssp. <i>sesquipedalis</i> (L.) Verdc.)

Balal Hossain

Effects of zinc on indole carboxylic acid and indole acetic acids contents in radish shoot

Short Communications

Guangxi Ren and Yan Shi

Correlation between glycosides in leaves and agronomic traits of <i>Stevia rebaudina</i> Bertoni

Rafia Naeem, Khajista Jabeen and Sumera Iqbal

Physiological response of <i>Vigna radiata</i> L. Wilczek to southern blight disease

The Society gratefully acknowledges the financial support received from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the University of Dhaka towards the publication of this Journal.