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Bangladesh Botanical Society was established in 1972. Professor Dr. Md. Abul Bashar is the present President and Professor Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed is the current Secretary General of the society. The total number of members is over 2975 of which 541 are life members. The society is regularly publishing popular articles in one issue of Bengali journal named "Udvid Barta" and scientific articles in four issues of Bangladesh Journal of Botany.

Article Submission

Guidelines to authors


All authors are requested to sign a declaration form certifying that the work was carried out by themselves and the contents of the paper were neither published before nor submitted for publication in any other journal, and that they have submitted their articles for consideration by the Editorial Board of the Bangladesh Journal of Botany.

Mode of Payment

All authors must be members of the Bangladesh Botanical Society at the time of submitting their papers. Annual membership subscription of a local author is BDT 750.00. For foreign authors, for a single-author manuscript 50 US$ fixed and for multi-author manuscript 30 US$ per author. Life membership subscription of a local author is BDT 5000.00, while for a foreign author it is US$ 250.00. Contributors are given 5 copies of reprints free of cost. For additional reprints the author(s) will be billed at cost price and for this they must inform the Chief Editor in writing, after the paper is accepted for publication. The Society will bear the cost of up to six printed pages of the journal including plates, Figs, etc. The author(s) will have to bear the cost for extra printed pages (if any). For multicolour printing, the author should request the Chief Editor after the paper is accepted for publication and the author(s) will have to pay the extra cost.

Payment should be made following an invoice/a demand slip issued by the General Secretary/Chief Editor addressing the Author for correspondence/Institute concerned, via bank account or via Western Union favoring the Savings Bank account of the "Bangladesh Botanical Society", Dhaka, Bangladesh. Payment could also be made directly at the office of the Bangladesh Botanical Society, c/o, Department of Botany, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh in local currency on a printed Money Receipt as approved and issued by the Bangladesh Botanical Society.