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Bangladesh Botanical Society was established in 1972. Professor Dr. Md. Abul Bashar is the present President and Professor Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed is the current Secretary General of the society. The total number of members is over 2975 of which 541 are life members. The society is regularly publishing popular articles in one issue of Bengali journal named "Udvid Barta" and scientific articles in four issues of Bangladesh Journal of Botany.


(Bangladesh J. Bot.)

Vol. 46

No. 1

2017 March



Meghla Saha Pinky, Moontaha Mahbub and Kazi Nahida Begum

Comparative karyotype and RAPD analysis of four varieties of <i>Allium cepa</i> L. and a species of <i>Allium fistulosum</i> L.

Filiz Savaroglu, Ismühan Potoğlu Erkara and Onur Koyuncu

Observations of spore morphology of some species of Hypnaceae Schimp. (Bryophyta) in Turkey

Ajay Verma, BS Tyagi, Anita Meena, RK Gupta and Ravish Chatrath

Stability and genotypes × environment interaction analysis using biplots in wheat genotypes

Shabab Nasir, Iram Nasir and Iqra Yousaf

Medicinal plant extracts: Control strategy against dengue mosquitoes

Hafiz Ghulam Muhu-Din Ahmed, Abdus Salam Khan, Muhammad Kashif and Sultan Habibullah Khan

Genetic mechanism of leaf venation and stomatal traits for breeding drought tolerant lines in wheat

Md Ataul Gani, Md Almujaddade Alfasane and Moniruzzaman Khondker

Bloom forming phytoplankton and their comparative limnology in wastewater lagoons of Bangladesh

PK Bhati, SK Singh, Rajesh Singh and D Upadhyay

Combining ability for yield and yield traits using ‘WA’ cytoplasm in rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i> L.)

Hitesh Kumar, Gurpreet Kaur and Shashi Banga

Estimation of allelic loss in sesame (<i>Sesamum indicum</i> L.) varieties

Rakesh Kumar

Production potential, quality and nutrient uptake of linseed as influenced by fertility levels and seeding rates under the foot hill condition of Nagaland

Muhammad Fiaz, Habib Ahmad, Najam-Ul-Sehar Afshan and Abdul Nasir Khalid

New reports and host records of rust fungi from Pakistan

Mehmet Yavuz Paksoy, Ridvan Polat and Uğur Çakilcioğlu

Comparative vegetative anatomy and fruit micromorphology of the genus <i>Kundmannia</i> Scop. and their taxonomical significance

Fatemeh Namazi, Majid Sharifi-Tehrani and Leila Shabani

Anatomical study on <i>Fritillaria</i> species in Iran

SR Singh, AK Phurailatpam, Siddhartha Singh and M Chandrakumar

Variability of rambutan (<i>Nephelium lappaceum</i> Linn.) in east Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh

Inayat UR Rahman, Farhana Ijaz, Aftab Afzal and Zafar Iqbal

Effect of foliar application of plant mineral nutrients on the growth and yield attributes of chickpea (<i>Cicer arietinum</i> L.) under nutrient deficient soil conditions

Surendra Barpete, Muhammad Aasim, Sancar Fatih Ozcan, Khalid Mahmood Khawar and Sebahattin Ozcan

High frequency axillary shoots induction in grass pea (<i>Lathyrus sativus</i> L.)

RR Dhutmal and HV Kalpande

Genetic divergence and principle component analysis in upland rainfed rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i> L.)

Tariq Riaz and Arshad Javaid

Mixed cropping effects on agronomic parameters and mycorrhizal status of Gladiolus <i>grandiflorus</i> Hort. and <i>Narcissus papyraceus</i> Ker-Gawl

Ismühan Potoğlu Erkara

Spore morphology, taxonomical and ecological importance of some Encalyptaceae Schimp. species (Bryophyta) from Turkey

Ning Yang, Dongsheng Zou, Manyuan Yang, Meiyun Fu and Zhonggui Lin

Soil quality evaluation during vegetation recovery at hill slopes with purple soil in Hengyang, China

MM Ismail, Ahmed A Moursy and AE Mousa

Effect of organic and inorganic N fertilizer on growth and yield of chickpea (<i>Cicer arietinum</i> L.) grown on sandy soil using 15N tracer

Hasan Pinar, Mine Bulut, Duygu Altunoz, Aydin Uzun, Ubeyit Seday and Kadir Ugurtan Yilmaz

Determination of genetic diversity and relationships within citrus and related genera using DAMD markers

Md Tousif Ahmed, Sutapa Pal and Pankaj K Pal

Seed ecology of the important medicinal shrub <i>Solanum indicum</i> L.

Chandra Nath Mishra, V Tiwari, Amit Kumar and Indu Sharma

Yield and nutrients content of two contrasting (Spring and Winter) crossed ecotypes of wheat

SK Chaudhary, Mohammad Hashim, Mohammad Saquib and CB Singh

Yield, NPK content and nutrient uptake of wheat as influenced by the application of acidulated rock phosphate

MA Ansari, BU Choudhury, N Prakash and DJ Rajkhowa

Comparative performance of maize (<i>Zea mays</i> L.) genotypes on productivity, quality, root dynamics and profitabilty in north eastern Himalayan region of India

Ömer Faruk Çolak, Bayram Atasagun, Evren Yildiztugay and Mustafa Küçüködük

Breaking of seed dormancy in halophytic endemic <i>Saponaria halophila</i> Hedge & Hub.- Mor.

Semra Kilic, Mustafa Karaboyaci, Aziz Sencan and Mehmet Kilic

Ecotoxicological responses of morphological and physiological parameters of cadmium-stressed maize seeds

Aneela Ulfat, Syed Abdul Majid, Asia Bibi and Khadija Khanum

Evaluation of drought stress tolerance in spring wheat accession based on selection indices

Sevim Küçük, Atila Ocak and Betül Canim

Morphological and anatomical investigations on some species of <i>Colchicum</i> L.

Short Communications

Bihua Chen, Jianmin Li, Huihua Fan, Juan Zhang, Xiaohan She and Shaofang Wang

Cutting propagation technique of <i>Viburnum macrocephalum</i> Fort.

Saubhik Das

Evolution of sexuality in <i>Amaranthus</i> species

Hemraj Meena and Ram Swaroop Meena

Assessment of sowing environments and bio-regulators as adaptation choice for clusterbean productivity in response to current climatic scenario

MAU Mridha and FN Al-Barakah

New record on the association of fungi with the market fruits of <i>Moringa oliefera</i> Lam. - A highly valued medicinal plant

Huiping Dai

Response of antioxidant defences to selenium stress in alfalfa leaves

The Society gratefully acknowledges the financial support received from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the University of Dhaka towards the publication of this Journal.