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Bangladesh Botanical Society was established in 1972. Professor Dr. Md. Abul Bashar is the present President and Professor Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed is the current Secretary General of the society. The total number of members is over 2975 of which 541 are life members. The society is regularly publishing popular articles in one issue of Bengali journal named "Udvid Barta" and scientific articles in four issues of Bangladesh Journal of Botany.


(Bangladesh J. Bot.)

Vol. 45

No. 1

2016 March



Ashraf Gholizadeh

Prediction of the possible role of maize type 3 ribosome-inactivating protein in its root system processing

M Mokidul Islam and DC Kalita

Weed dynamics and productivity of wetland rice as influenced by establishment methods and integrated weed management

Tapas Chowdhury, AP Singh and SB Gupta

Evaluation of tillage and weed management systems on rhizosphere microflora under rice-wheat cropping system

Arvinder Singh, BP Sharma, BS Dilta, YC Gupta, Nomita Laishram and HS Baweja

Economic analysis of Carnation cv. ‘master’ cut flower production as influenced by fertilizer schedules under naturally ventilated polyhouse

Ye Hang, Wang Dongxue, Wei Wei, Wen Rusi, Zhou Zhaodi and Jiang Zepeng

Graft compatibility of <i>Camellia oleifera</i> Changlin 4 clone with five main rootstocks

Kuldeep Srivastava, Sonika Sharma, Devinder Sharma, Hafeez Ahmad and Suheel Ahmad Ganai

Base line toxicity of fungicides and insecticides to <i>Spodoptera litura</i> (Fab.)

AVV Koundinya, SK Dhankhar, D Ramesh and P Pradeep Kumar

Genetic divergence for yield and yield components in advanced breeding lines of okra

Çiğdem Alev Özel

Micropropagation of <i>Anthemis pestalozzae</i> Boiss. from cotyledonary leaf and leaf explants

Xian-Song Yang and Guo-Xiang Chen

Differences in diurnal patterns of chlorophyll fluorescence in leaves from different sides of the ginkgo (<i>Ginkgo biloba</i> L.) canopy

Haixing Li, Aili Bao, Zhijun Liang and Hongmei Cai

The effect of glutamine on growth and carbon-nitrogen metabolism in <i>Oryza sativa</i> cv. Japonica

Uzma Khatoon, Rakesh K Dubey, V Singh, G Upadhyay and AK Pandey

Selection parameters for fruit yield and related traits in <i>Luffa acutangula</i> (Roxb.) L.

Azizuddin, Aneela Qadeer and Sadia Ghafoor

Effects of postharvest storage conditions on physico-chemical analysis and antioxidant capacity of <i>Brassica rapa</i> L.

Anser Ali, Wazeer Ahmad, Rashid Mehmood, Tanveer Ul Haq and M Nasir Abbas

Salinity tolerance in rice as affected by application of abscisic acid and salicylic acid

Asma A Al-Huqail, MM Ibrahim, Gehan A Elgaaly and Arwa A Al-Huqail

Competency of antioxidants in tolerant cultivar of Egyptian corn in reducing oxidative injury caused by cadmium toxicity

Abul Bashar, Mohammed Kamal Hossain, Rokib Hasan, Saidul Islam, AKM Mahmudul Huque and Nazmul Alam

Breeding potential of common eggplant (<i>Solanum melongena</i> L.) using divergence analysis

Milton Halder, Samina Akhter, Nusrat Jahan Mouri and Md Saidur Rahman

Vertical distribution of AM colonization and relationship with soil properties in medicinal plants of BCSIR reserve forest Chittagong, Bangladesh

Arifa Zereen, Andleeb Anwar Sardar and Zaheer-Ud-Din Khan

Effects of mercury resistant bacteria on the growth of Triticum aestivum L. seedlings at different concentrations of murcuric chloride

Fazil Özen, Gülşah E Aka and Özlem Aksoy

Genetic diversity and conservation strategies of some <i>Lilium candidum</i> L. population in Turkey

Ran Wang, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum, Jianhang Niu, Meiru Liu, Jinhuan Li, Ali Zohaib, Jixuan Song, Jun LV, Sangen Wang and Xuefeng Zong

Exogenous application of brassinolide ameliorate chilling stress in <i>Leymus chinensis</i> (Trin.) Tzvel. by modulating morphological, physiological and biochemical traits

Syeda Sharmeen Sultana and Sheikh Shamimul Alam

Karyomorphology of eleven varieties of <i>Gossypium hirsutum</i> L.

K Gezer, O Kaygusuz, EN Herken, Y Dodurga, M Koizhaiganova and M Seçme

Evaluation of the nutritional composition of wild edible mushroom <i>Agaricus lanipes</i> (F.H. Møller & Jul. Schäff.) Hlaváček

Mahfuza Aktar and Shamim Shamsi

Report on blight of <i>Tagetes</i> spp. caused by <i>Curvularia lunata</i> (Wakker) Boedijn

Sarowar Hosen, Shamim Shamsi and MA Bashar

<i>In vitro</i> biological control of <i>Colletotrichum gloeosporioides</i> (Penz.) Sacc. and <i>Sclerotium rolfsii</i> Sacc., causal agent of anthracnose and soft rot of <i>Corchorus capsularis</i> L.

Rowshon Ara, Barun Kanti Saha, Md Motalab, Md Zahurul Haque and ANM Fakhruddin

Nutritional evaluation of fresh and processed fruit juices available in Dhaka city, Bangladesh

Nargis Sultana Chowdhury, Md Hossain Sohrab, Satyajit Roy Rony, Suriya Sharmin, Mst. Nadira Begum, Md Sohel Rana and Choudhury Mahmood Hasan

Identification and bioactive potential of endophytic fungi from <i>Monochoria hastata</i> (L.) Solms

Shamprity Pramanik, Md Ataul Gani, Md Almujaddade Alfasane and Moniruzzaman Khondker

Seasonality of phytoplankton and their relationship with some environmental factors in a pond of old Dhaka

H Ozer and D Kandemir

Evaluation of the performance of greenhouse tomato seedlings grown with different cultivation techniques

Neeraj Gupta and VB Singh

Pre-harvest foliar application of calcium chloride, bavistin and bayleton on post-harvest life of <i>Emblica officinalis</i> Gaertn. fruits

Short Communications

Hayati Akman

Screening for root biomass distribution of different wheat and wild genotypes

PK Upadhyay, E Kumari, A Sen, P Raha, RK Singh, SK Choudhary, RK Singh and Y Singh

Effects of <i>Xanthium strumarium</i> L. extract, anilofos and butachlor on weeds, yield, yield attributes and nutrient uptake of transplanted rice

Bouchikh Yamina, Labani Abderahmane, Abbad Abdelaziz, Bouhelouane Slimane, Lakhdari Wassima and Dahliz Abderahmane

Ethnobotaanical study of medicinal flora in the atriplexaies plantation of Saida - A high land stepic city of Algeria

Havser Ertem VaizoÄŸullar and YeÅŸim Kara

Effects of gamma radiation on crude oil yield and chemical composition of <i>Sesamum indicum</i> -Tan 99 seeds

Sazada Siddiqui

Inhibitory effects of leaf extracts on morphology of <i>Pisum sativum</i> cv Arikil

MSA Mamun, MM Hoque and M Ahmed

Effects of different pruning operations on the incidence of red spider mite of tea in Bangladesh

Sabrina Naz, Nasrin Jahan Diba and Md Moniruzzaman

<i>Chara benthamii</i> A. Br. var. <i>longicorollata</i> Kasaki, a new record for Bangladesh

Mehrab Yadegari

Study the effect of manganese and copper on essential oil composition of lemon balm (<i>Melissa officinalis</i> L.)

The Society gratefully acknowledges the financial support received from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the University of Dhaka towards the publication of this Journal.