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Bangladesh Botanical Society was established in 1972. Professor Dr. Md. Abul Bashar is the present President and Professor Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed is the current Secretary General of the society. The total number of members is over 2975 of which 541 are life members. The society is regularly publishing popular articles in one issue of Bengali journal named "Udvid Barta" and scientific articles in four issues of Bangladesh Journal of Botany.


(Bangladesh J. Bot.)

Vol. 44

No. 5

2015 December Supplementary



Kyung-Rok Won, Nam-Euy Hong, Su-Young Jung, Kwang-Soo Lee, Byung-Oh Yoo and Hee-Seop Byeon

Estimation of damage to black pine wood (<i>Pinus thunbergii</i> Parl.) caused by <i>Matsucoccus thunbergianae</i> Miller and Park

Jing Hao, Donggang Guo, Tieliang Shang Guan, Jie Zhang, Weihua Liu and Peipei Zhang

Changes in soil factors at early stage of spontaneous herbal recovery in a coal gangue yard

Ping Li, Chao Hu, Xuebin Qi, Yuan Zhou, Zhang Jianfeng and Zhijuan Zhao

Effect of reclaimed municipal wastewater irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on yield of tomato and nitrogen economy

Feng Dong, Shujun Li, Zhongming Liu, Kexin Zhu, Xiaolin Wang and Chunde Jin

Improvement of quality and shelf life of strawberry with nanocellulose/chitosan composite coatings

Fu-Jun Cao and Jian-Xin Niu

Cloning and chromosome localization of the linked scar marker (P1-P2<sub>762</sub>) gene in early walnut (<i>Dode</i>)

Shan Liu, Rong Sun and Hui Chen

Genetic diversity of wild <i>Conyza blinii</i> H. Lév. based on RAPD and SRAP markers

Xinyu Mao, Xiaohou Shao, Jiugeng Mao, Tingting Chang and Lihua Chen

Soil amendments and water moisture on the control of tomato bacterial wilt caused by <i>Ralstonia solanacearum</i>

Junfeng Du, Miaomiao Ying, Weilong Zhou, Yaping Chen, Chuanpi Wang, Heng Wei and Ping He

Physicochemical properties and tumor inhibition effect of bitter gourd polysaccharide

Huihua Deng, Tao Hong, Chengzhen Wu, Anqiang Xie, Han Lin, Jian Li and Wei Hong

Application of endophytic fungi isolated from <i>Pinus massoniana</i> Lamb. in resin tapping

Zhaoquan Gao, Zhiqiang Li and Changjing Chen

Dynamic simulation of photosynthetic rates in potted apple trees under drought stress

Tong Cui, Xiyue Li, Jie Wang and Zhe Gao

Monosaccharide composition in dietary fiber of fruits in northern china by gas chromatography

Jichao Sun, Qian Liao and Guangqian Wang

Root absorbing and seepage model in weightless environment and space

Mei Fu, Wei Wang, Jianguang Qin, Hongjian Lü, Weizhi Yao and Shengqi Su

Growth response of phytoplankton to different soil extracts for choosing suitable soil types for pond aquaculture

Miaomiao Ying, Jianrong Li, Wenzheng Shi and Wei Quan

<i>Porphyra haitanensis</i> Chang <i>et</i> Zheng: Optimization of polysaccharide extraction by RSM and its anti-oxidant activity

Mingfu Gong, Tx Lin, Ql Guan and Sl Wu

Insecticidal activity of crude extract of the seeds of <i>Millettia pachyarpa</i> Benth. on the larvae of <i>Pieris rapae</i> Linne

Wei Ming Liu, En Guo Wang and Sheng Zhang

Effects of major cultural factors in improving yield of autumn soybean

Xiang Li, Quyan Huang, Hairong Huang, Lunwagn Wang, Zhongfeng Zhou, Hui Zhou and Rongzhong Yang

Evaluation of different sugarcane clones under low nitrogen stress

Ying-Liu, Qingbo-Zhang, Hui-Li and Tianlai-Li

Prediction of fruit weight by analysis <i>Fascinated (FAS)</i> locus in tomato (<i>Solanum lycopersicum</i> Muller)

Xu Duan and Yangyi Zhao

Growth, biomass and water potential of <i>Pinus yunnanensis</i> Franch. seedlings under different water treatments

Qifu Luan, Min Jia, Shuainan Zhang and Jingmin Jiang

Relationship between heterosis and parental genetic distance based on RAPD and EST-SSR markers in <i>Pinus taeda</i> L. × P. <i>caribaea</i> Morelet

Dongmei Huang, Jingyang Li, Fei Lin, Yi Xu, Weihong Ma, Yujia Li, Yanxia Li, Shun Song and Bizun Wang

Optimal system of fast propagation for Tamarind cotyledon nodes via tissue culture

Feng Wang, Zhongwei Zhai, Shizhou Shen and Keqiang Zhang

Effect of fertiliter types on nitrogen surface runoff losses from plateau paddy fields

Guibin Wang, Fuliang Cao, Yuan Wang and Jian Wang

Protein expression changes in leaves of bald cypress (<i>Taxodium distichum</i> (L.) Rich.) in response to waterlogging

Dan Sun, Qian Li, Hongbo Li, Jun Ai, Hong Yan Qin and Zhong Yun Piao

Plantlet regeneration through somatic embryogenesis in <i>Schisandra chinensis</i> (Turcz.) Baill. and analysis of genetic stability of regenerated plants by SRAP markers

Zimian Niu, Peng Xie, Lu Yu, Zhiqiang Li, Hongning Wang and Pingping Han

Impact of tree-thinning on foliar chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of open-central apple trees

Zhiwei Huang, Lixing Wang, Mingshu Guo, Shiqiang Lin, Zuxin Cheng and Jingui Zheng

Cloning, characterization and bacterial expression of the β-amyrin synthase gene from <i>Panax japonicus</i> C. A. Mey

Xiaoyan Li, Hongyan Qin, Zhenxing Wang, Qingtian Zhang, Yingxue Liu, Peilei Xu, Ying Zhao, Shutian Fan, Yiming Yang and Jun Ai

Differentially expressed genes in male and female flower buds of hardy kiwifruit (<i>Actinidia arguta</i> (Sieb. <i>et</i> Zucc.) Planch. <i>ex</i> Miq.)

Zhouli Liu, Wei Chen, Wei Fu, Xingyuan He, Shilei Fu and Tao Lu

Effects of elevated CO<sub>2</sub> and O<sub>3</sub> on leaf area, gas exchange and starch contents in chinese pine (<i>Pinus tabulaeformis</i> Carr.) in northern China

Yong-Jun Fan, Fa-Hu Li and Wei Yan

Preliminary study of macrofungi in Helan mountain national reserve area

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